Congratulation to Dayal!

CONGRATULATIONS to DAYAL… for being promoted to the next grade.
Dayal , a runaway child adopted by Light House Cohort.
Sampoorna Shiksha took it as a challenge and stared Dayals journey 2+ years ago in guiding, mentoring and teaching Dayal to help him have skills needed to lead an independent life.

Thanks for the tremendous efforts taken by our teacher Geeta Iyer who voluntarily took keen interest in molding Dayal for almost 2 years and and creating an interest in a subject like English so beautifully that made Dayal a role model for other children.

Thank You Indira mam, to create an interest in maths , a subject which is feared by many students…

Thank you Light House Cohort for giving an opportunity to take this challenge.
A big Congrats to all those who interacted and been a small part of this change in Dayal’s life.
Our Best Wishes to Dayal for a bright future and influence other children to have a good education for future.

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