"Let the learning begin."

Sampoorna Shiksha collaborates with colleges and business schools to provide internship to their students in our programs.

Sampoorna Shiksha Leaders – program helps the students to explore new areas . Learning and  absorbing will serve as a part of the process 

 Duration- Minimum duration is one month, which can be extended.

Stipend – Internship at Sampoorna Shiksha is unpaid one  We do not pay any stipend.

Certification- We will provide a certification or/and an experience letter at the end of the internship . 

Working Hours - Interns are expected to work and coordinate closely with the team. Adhering to the timings is one of the primary protocols that needs to followed.

Sampoorna Shiksha : Internship report of ITM Kharghar Students.

ITM college : 20+ students