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"Playing Opens the Door to Learning"

Sampoorna Shiksha Academy 


About Sampoorna Shiksha Academy:

We believe that the teachers are the torch bearers of the country's progress.

Sampoorna Shiksha  Academy was formed to

Train teachers and improve their learning outcomes with new and innovative techniques. This enables the  teachers to increase their students outreach.

We  adopt a  hybrid teaching model , by stimulating the sense organs of a child  through various teaching aids like flash cards, maps, toys etc. Irrespective of the age of the child the model encompasses the cognitive, social & Emotional, Physical and the spiritual aspect of a child. We follow an integrated approach which goes along with the New Education Policy.

The teachers there by  deliver effective sessions that make learning enjoyable and teaching  stress free.

It is a low cost model. The processes too are simple and can be easily replicated in any school. 

Implemented in:

  1.  Bansa Community Centre- Bihar 
  2. Biru Learning Centre - Bihar
  3. Pandit Motilal Nehru School - Maharashtra. 

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Ongoing Academy training: Bansa Library & Pehal Centre