CSR & NGO collaboration

"A generous giving in a small way will mold lives and bring smiles to many."

NGO collaboration

Alone we are a drop… Together we form an ocean!!!

We believe that working together can create a bigger impact.

We work with community based organizations and local NGO’s across India. We combine their skill sets to deliver programs more effectively.

It is necessary to strengthen the efficiencies and effectiveness to address the problems in our country and generate better outcomes for the people we serve.

If you share the same thought and connect with us. Kindly connect with us at sampoorna.shik@gmail.com..

We can  focus on how best to work together so that we can create real, significant social impact.

Please fill up the collaboration form to take it forward in a structured way.


Bill Gates once said

“If you give people their tools, and they use their natural ability and curiosity, they will develop things in ways that will surprise you in very much beyond what you might have expected…..” 

Want to support us to  provide the  Right  Tools!! 

Setting up of community centres with  Toy libraries, Book Libraries, Digital Classrooms, Computer Lab, Math & Science Lab in schools and centres, equip the children with school stationeries, digital accessories and many more...