Our Story

Sampoorna Shiksha  was launched in January 2020.

      Our Motto

  • The Best of Wealth is Education
  • Alone we are a drop and Together we are an Ocean
  • Learn while you teach and teach while you learn
  • Your Talents in our platform
  • Sach Kare Sapne

The founders are Lata Srinivasan and Pushpa Subramanian , twin educators, and Vaidhei Pagaria a Chartered Accountant by profession.
All the three are driven by an intense passion to teach. This is nurtured and promoted by their mentor, Mr. Venkatraman , popularly known as the Pencilman of UAE.

Our Channels

Joyful Gifting -
Gift for a cause and bring smiles to the needy children around the world.
Support students in rural India through digital education.

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We believe that Partners and supporters are key to our success.
Partner with us and together we can reach millions of underprivileged children and raise the bar for quality education in India.
Pagaria Welfare Foundation2
Pagaria Welfare Foundation
It is an initiative of like minded people and various well wishers , who believe in “Goodness is the only investment which succeeds”.
This is led by Vaidhei Pagaria and has projects across India for education, health and development
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Volunteer / Intern
We help you to share the goodness in each one of us. Volunteer and enjoy the gift of sharing.
Offer your time or skills through Sampoorna Shiksha platform.

Our Collaborators


Our vision is to provide high quality and low cost models to bridge the gaps in the educational system.

Sampoorna Shiksha uses innovative teaching methods and our programs are outcome driven.

We aim to achieve through collaboration with the government, local communities, parents, teachers, volunteers, and civil society members.

Virtual Education
Collaboration 360
Digital Centers
Skill Development

UN SDG Goals We address with our programs

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